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Past Programs

For more than 30 years, we have devoted ourselves to promoting child and youth development all over the world. Through our programs and working with our partners, we seek innovative ways to facilitate social change and lasting impact.

Ready! Early childhood is decisive

Ready! is a campaign throughout Switzerland that focuses on the formative early childhood years. It brings partners active in the early childhood sector together to work toward a comprehensive early childhood policy.

Jacobs Media Fellowships

Our Media Fellowships supported science writers to raise public awareness of child and youth development research.

A Mutual Understanding for Children’s Transitions (TIPI)

Ticino Progetto Infanzia (TIPI) aims to stimulate children’s development in the home, support their growth in the daycare setting, and ensure that they are well prepared for the transition to preschool and elementary school.

Quality at the Local Level in Germany (DKJS)

The German Children and Youth Foundation (DKJS), the Jacobs Foundation and other partners are launching “Quality at the Local Level” in an effort to improve the quality of Germany’s early childhood education and care sector.

QualiKita – Setting Standards for Daycare Centers

There are many different kinds of daycare centers. But what do we really know about them? In the interest of greater transparency, the Jacobs Foundation and kibesuisse, a Swiss organization in the early childhood education and care sector, launche…


The “Primokiz”-program was designed for up to 25 small and medium-sized Swiss cities, to support their efforts in designing and implementing a comprehensive plan for integrated early childhood education and care.

Initiative to Foster Early Childhood Development (BRISE)

The longitudinal study being conducted in Bremen with the title “BRISE: Bremen Initiative to Foster Early Childhood Development” includes a number of targeted interventions for children during the first seven years of life.

Educational Landscapes Switzerland

To give every child the opportunity for a comprehensive, high-quality education in school and beyond, the Jacobs Foundation is encouraging innovative, systematic cooperation between school-based and extracurricular actors through its Educational L…
Learning Minds

Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellowship

Young professionals with an entrepreneurial vision for interlinking business and social impact become participants in a network of future opinion leaders with opportunities to grow and further engage with the thematic priorities of the Jacobs Foun…

For an Early Childhood Policy (Primokiz2)

Primokiz2 connects all actors in the education, social, and health sector and supports them to develop a comprehensive policy on early childhood education thereby creating sound structural conditions.
Learning Societies

Transforming Education in Côte d’Ivoire (TRECC)

Seeking to improve the living conditions of Ivory Coast’s cocoa farmers and their children, the Jacobs Foundation is working with public and private organizations to develop a sustainable ecosystem that will ensure access to high-quality education.

Partner with us

We work with a network of partners to seek innovative ways to promote children’s learning and development.