A Mutual Understanding for Children’s Transitions (TIPI)

Ticino Progetto Infanzia (TIPI) is based on the idea that all children should have access to equal opportunities when they enter preschool and elementary school, no matter what their families’ cultural or social backgrounds. Its goals are to stimulate children’s development in the home, support their growth in the daycare setting, and ensure that they are well prepared for the transition to preschool and elementary school. The work of TIPI is guided by the following principles:

  • Families should have a positive impact on their children’s development. Daycare centers assist them in that effort, maintain contact with families and offer age-appropriate activities to stimulate the child.
  • These are demanding tasks for caregivers, and should therefore be part of their training.
  • It is important to improve cooperation and networking among the staffs of preschools, elementary schools and after-school programs so that they can come to a common understanding of how best to educate children.

At the operational level, TIPI is implemented by USI Università della Svizzera italiana, the Swiss National Commission for UNESCO and the Ufficio del sostegno a enti e attività per le famiglie e i giovani (UfaG). It is supported by the Jacobs Foundation.