Our vision

Strategy 2030

We seek to improve children’s learning and education by promoting the generation and translation of evidence into policy and practice – connecting evidence to action, and action to systems.

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Our vision

Whatever their background, all children should have access to a high-quality education. Yet all too often learning and teaching take a one-size-fits-all approach. This means that children are unable to make the most of their learning potential. Our goal is a world in which every child is given the quality learning opportunities they need to thrive.

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Our strategy

To bring us closer to our vision, we’ve launched Strategy 2030, with a central focus on ensuring that evidence shapes how children learn – whether in schools or through technology.

We accomplish this by providing funding for research aimed at understanding how children learn and vary in their skills and behaviors. We actively promote the integration of evidence-based practices in both schools and educational technology (EdTech). Additionally, we work to facilitate the incorporation of evidence in national policies and their implementation in several countries.

We have committed CHF 500 million to bring our ambitions to life, collaborating with world-renowned researchers, educators, EdTech companies, and visionary policymakers in Switzerland, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Colombia to make this vision a reality for every child.

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Theory of change

Our Theory of Change serves as our guiding compass on our journey to make a positive impact. The following sections explain various elements of our theory of change, including our core competences, our programmatic approach, and the impact we aim to achieve.

Our core competences

At the heart of our Strategy 2030 Theory of Change are our Core Competences. These are the domains of expertise that define our philanthropic approach and programmatic work. We apply these competences strategically across all our areas of work to enhance the impact of our philanthropic efforts.
Evidence generator & translator
Partnerships innovator
Catalytic investor
Policy entrepreneur
Evidence generator & translator

We fund world-class research on child learning and development and translate it into actionable insights for impactful policy and practice.

Partnerships innovator

We forge unique alliances, uniting governments, industry, educators, investors, and researchers who wouldn’t naturally collaborate.

Catalytic investor

We drive innovative financing partnerships to maximize the use of large-scale capital for evidence-based programs and practices.

Policy entrepreneur

We promote policy innovation by facilitating access to evidence and fostering strategic partnerships.

Our program portfolios

A unified approach embeds our core theme of embracing variability in learning across the work of three portfolios: Learning Minds, Learning Schools, and Learning Societies. This creates mutually reinforcing programmatic linkages to maximize our overall impact – from evidence to action to systems.

Our desired impact

Positive change in education is not possible without a deep understanding of learning processes, an extensive understanding of learning places and technologies, and an accurate understanding of policy making and implementation processes – from preschool to parliament. If we are successful in achieving this, we will make a meaningful contribution to children’s learning outcomes by 2030 and beyond. We are committed to sharing what we learn on this journey to actively stimulate and inspire systemic change beyond our reach.

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Sustainable systemic change

Promoting high-quality research into learning and development, improving the use of evidence in schools and EdTech, and enabling education systems to adapt to changing circumstances.

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Inspiration beyond our reach

We want to see our approaches and lessons learned inspiring beyond the Foundation’s reach, acting as a catalyst to foster ambition and innovation throughout the global education landscape. 

Annual Report 2022

Check out our 2022 annual report, providing a comprehensive overview of the milestones we have achieved over the past year.