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Since our creation in 1989, the Jacobs Foundation has been dedicated to improving education for children around the world. Our programs seek innovative ways to achieve lasting, positive change in education, based on research and evidence.

Featured programs

Learning Minds

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program

Our global fellowship program is for researchers whose work is dedicated to improving children’s learning and development.
Learning Schools

EdTech Evidence Ecosystem

We aim to strengthen the EdTech ecosystem by encouraging greater use of evidence in investment decisions and product development and assessment.
Learning Societies

Supporting the Digitization of the Swiss Education System

We are trying to bridge the gap between evidence, policy, and practice, to ensure all children in Switzerland thrive in an increasingly digital world.
Learning Schools

School Action Learning Exchange (SALEX)

A community of organizations facilitates the generation and uptake of research in education, by sharing knowledge, building capacity, and implementing promising practices in schools.
Learning Minds

The Learning Variability NeTwork Exchange (LEVANTE)

LEVANTE is an ambitious project designed to coordinate data collection by research teams on children’s learning variability within and across individuals, groups, and cultures.
Learning Societies

Colombia: Evidencia Potential

Our work in Colombia focuses on narrowing the large learning gaps in foundational skills and socioemotional learning on a national and regional level.
Learning Minds

Leveraging Evidence for Action to Promote Change (LEAP)

Education organizations receive support from researchers or social entrepreneurs who are experts on topics they need assistance with in 12-week project “sprints”.
Learning Societies

Côte d’Ivoire: Child Learning and Education Facility (CLEF)

A CHF 110 million primary education program aims to reach four million children in Côte d’Ivoire’s cocoa-growing areas and beyond.
Learning Schools

Learning EdTech Impact Funds (LEIF)

We aim to bridge the divide between science and industry, ensuring that robust evidence drives the development, use, and evaluation of EdTech.
Learning Schools

Impact-Linked Fund for Education (ILFE)

We target high-impact enterprises improving learning outcomes for children and youth in West Africa and MENA (Middle East and North Africa).
Learning Societies

Ghana: supporting quality education based on evidence

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Ghana we are supporting the provision of quality education.
Learning Minds

Research centers improve the use of EdTech and AI

We fund two research centers to improve the design and use of artificial intelligence (AI) and new technology products in schools.
Learning Minds

Jacobs Foundation Conference and Young Scholars

We hold a three-day event every two years to present and produce cutting-edge findings about child and youth development and learning.
Learning Minds

The Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize

The Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize acknowledges exceptional researchers making significant contributions to learning and development, or improving the living conditions of children and youth.
Learning Minds

The Klaus J. Jacobs Best Practice Prizes

The Klaus J. Jacobs Best Practice Prizes acknowledge institutions or individuals working to implement innovative solutions to improve child and youth development and learning.
Learning Minds

Coalitions for evidence inspired action

We link researchers, social entrepreneurs, and institutions to identify and strengthen solutions that effectively address children’s individual learning needs and support them to reach their full potential.
Learning Minds

Learning Sciences Exchange Fellowship (LSX)

Fellows from research, journalism, entertainement, entrepreneurship, and education come together to learn from each other and collaborate on key issues in the learning sciences.
Learning Minds

Interdisciplinary Educational Research (CIDER)

We are a major supporter of the College for Interdisciplinary Educational Research (CIDER), which works to improve interdisciplinary cooperation in educational research.
Learning Minds

Jacobs Center for productive youth development

Jacobs Center research focuses on the transition from childhood to adolescence and then to adulthood.

Partner with us

We work with a network of partners to seek innovative ways to promote children’s learning and development.

Past programs

Ready! Early childhood is decisive

Ready! is a campaign throughout Switzerland that focuses on the formative early childhood years. It brings partners active in the early childhood sector together to work toward a comprehensive early childhood policy.

Jacobs Media Fellowships

Our Media Fellowships supported science writers to raise public awareness of child and youth development research.

A Mutual Understanding for Children’s Transitions (TIPI)

Ticino Progetto Infanzia (TIPI) aims to stimulate children’s development in the home, support their growth in the daycare setting, and ensure that they are well prepared for the transition to preschool and elementary school.