Gelgia Fetz Fernandes

Co-Lead Learning Minds

Gelgia Fetz Fernandes is one of the Co-Leads of the Learning Minds Portfolio at the Jacobs Foundation. As part of the leadership team, she co-develops the Minds portfolio together with Ana Cubillo towards improving the level of collaboration and influence among Jacobs Foundation supported researchers, the level of researchers’ influence on practice, and the level of researchers’ influence on policy. She was instrumental in setting up the Jacobs Foundation’s Klaus J. Jacobs Awards, the Research Fellowship Program, and CRISP, as well as the LEAP program.

Prior to joining the Jacobs Foundation in 2007, Gelgia has worked as a trained newspaper journalist, covering events and stories national and international in scope. In that role, she reported out of Tel Aviv where she finished her studies in Social Anthropology and focused on the political socialization of Israeli youth.

Gelgia holds a graduate degree from Zurich University, where she studied Social Anthropology, Media Studies, and International Relations with an emphasis on the Middle East.