Fabio Segura


As Co-CEO, Fabio Segura plays a pivotal role in ensuring the organization’s overall success and leading the development and execution of its 2030 strategy.

During his tenure as Head of International Programs, he assumed responsibility for the strategic, financial, and operational aspects of programs in Africa and Latin America. Notably, he designed and led two of the Foundation’s largest initiatives to date, Transforming Education in Cocoa Communities (TRECC), and Child Learning and Education Facility (CLEF) a comprehensive strategy engaging both the public and private sectors to enhance the quality of education in Côte d’Ivoire.

His passion is to unite financial investments and impact, crafting opportunities that secure a prosperous future while empowering the next generation to thrive.

Before joining the Jacobs Foundation, Fabio Segura held the position of Senior Investment Manager at LGT Venture Philanthropy. Preceding this role, he served as a Project Manager at the Center for Sustainability at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). Furthermore, he has a notable background as a peace and development worker in Colombia, underscoring his commitment to humanitarian efforts in complex environments.

Fabio Segura holds a professional degree in Government and International Relations from the Externado de Colombia University.