Angela Holzer

Assistant to Co-CEOs

Angela Holzer is the Assistant to the Co-CEOs at the Jacobs Foundation. With extensive experience as a dedicated travel agent in both the leisure and business travel industries, she has catered to the needs of managing directors, CEOs, and board members throughout her career. Her most recent role was at Sonova, a leading international hearing aid manufacturer. However, driven by a desire for a fresh and meaningful challenge, she made the decision to join the Jacobs Foundation, where she could contribute to the most significant cause in the world – children.

In her current position, Angela provides invaluable support to our Co-CEOs, Board of Trustees, and management team, serving as a central hub and primary point of contact for the entire team. She has a strong passion for actively assisting the management and team in their daily operations, thereby creating space for them to focus on their crucial responsibilities, ultimately contributing to the benefit of the children’s education. Angela is a graduate of the KV Business School Zurich.