Christina Thurman-Wild

Program Specialist

Christina Thurman-Wild is a Program Specialist at the Digital Museum of Learning and the Johann Jacobs Museum. In her work, she primarily researches and develops engaging stories and digital content for physical and digital exhibitions, coordinates with partner cultural institutions, manages the in-house collections, creates content, and oversees communications and outreach programs as well as managing on-site events such as the Long Night of Zurich’s Museums.

Christina has a broad range of passions and multidisciplinary interests, including education, history, art, gaming, and conservation which inspire her to create compelling content and bring together innovative stakeholders from the digital, educational, and cultural sector to co-create inspiring educational content.

Christina is a longstanding member of the museum team at the Jacobs Foundation and previously worked at the University of Zurich. She holds a Master of Arts in History and Art History and a Bachelor in Art History and History from the University of Zurich.