Learning Schools

We work to place evidence at the core of children’s learning, both in the classroom and through educational technology.

A student works on a tablet computer in a classroom

We want to ensure that the global school system – the millions of schools around the world – is grounded in evidence on how children learn best. We believe that evidence should be at the core of teaching and learning practice. It should also guide how educational technology (EdTech) tools are created, funded, and used to improve learning outcomes.

We work with schools and EdTech innovators, or organizations that bring them together. These groups promote collaboration, sharing of resources, and the use of teaching and learning methods based on strong evidence. Our work has three main parts:

  • Helping Schools Use Evidence: We support the School Action Learning Exchange (SALEX), which brings together leading school networks globally and promotes the generation and use of evidence at the school and classroom level.
  • Promoting Evidence in EdTech: We’ve invested CHF 30 million in leading EdTech Venture Capital (VC) funds to ensure that investors and EdTech companies are evidence driven. We also reinvest any profits into research facilities that bridge the gap between science and industry.
  • Mobilizing Funders: We’ve spearheaded EdFIRST, a fledgling coalition of funders that invest in EdTech products and research, with the goal of collectively advancing the industry’s focus on evidence-based impact.

Featured Programs

Learning Schools

EdTech Evidence Ecosystem

We aim to strengthen the EdTech ecosystem by encouraging greater use of evidence in investment decisions and product development and assessment.
Learning Schools

Learning EdTech Impact Funds (LEIF)

We aim to bridge the divide between science and industry, ensuring that robust evidence drives the development, use, and evaluation of EdTech.
Learning Schools

School Action Learning Exchange (SALEX)

A community of organizations facilitates the generation and uptake of research in education, by sharing knowledge, building capacity, and implementing promising practices in schools.