Learning Societies

Ghana: supporting quality education based on evidence

While Ghana has made significant progress in reducing poverty, educational challenges persist. Low levels of learning and high numbers of out-of-school children are pressing issues that we are committed to addressing. Our comprehensive approach focuses on professionalizing school leaders and teachers, fostering adaptability in learning, and expanding holistic learning outcomes that encompass more than just foundational literacy and math skills.

The Education Lab (EdLab): In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, we are spearheading the development of the EdLab, which serves as a hub for generating and applying rigorous academic research to help improve education across the board. The EdLab plays a crucial role in advancing decision-making based on research and evidence, particularly in support of the Communities of Excellence.

Communities of Excellence: We believe that education transformation begins at grassroots level. Communities of Excellence serve as incubators of change, where districts actively assess their current learning environments, envision their desired outcomes, and implement projects that drive lasting improvements. In doing so, we are promoting evidence-based decision-making, enhancing accountability, and fostering better coordination across educational institutions.

Co-funding Mechanism: Achieving our vision requires a collective effort. To ensure the sustainability and impact of the EdLab and Communities of Excellence, we are establishing a Co-Funding Mechanism through a government-led coalition. This coalition brings together stakeholders from various sectors, including the cocoa industry, to provide the financial support necessary for our initiatives. The mechanism is being established with the guidance of the Ministry of Education and the approval of the Minister. In addition, we are actively pursuing support from the Global Partnership for Education’s Multiplier Fund, which would enable us to extend our initiatives’ reach across Ghana.

Collaborations with the Ministry of Education: We have contributed to a new primary years assessment that includes a focus on social and emotional skills, and we have co-funded the new National Education Leadership Institute, dedicated to enhancing the capacity of education leaders across Ghana.