A group of schoolchildren work together on a colourful plastic model of a DNA helix A group of schoolchildren work together on a colourful plastic model of a DNA helix

We work 极速赛车正规168官方平台|1分钟开奖官网直播结果、168极速赛车官方开奖历史记录 to give every child the evidence-based education they need to thrive

What we do
How we work
How we learn
What we do
How we work
How we learn
What we do
Children running across grass in school uniform

What we do 1分钟极速赛车官方开奖历史记录、168开奖官网计划直播、一分钟查询开奖结果记录

Our work is dedicated to giving every child a quality education. We believe this can only be achieved if education policy and practice are supported by evidence of what works best for children.

We therefore invest in the world’s premier research to discover how children learn, promote the use of evidence by schools and EdTech, and support countries to shape and implement education policies based on evidence.

A group of children playing on grass
A group of children playing on grass

How we work

Our support goes beyond simply making funding available. We are an active and engaged funder and seek to apply our knowledge and competences in all our work.

We work with leading researchers, school practitioners, EdTech companies, investors, and education policymakers to catalyze new research, financing mechanisms, and policy collaborations that would not otherwise be possible.


How we learn

Our learning and evaluation approach is designed to empower us to make better decisions and work more effectively so that more children can experience quality education.

We want to learn rapidly and iteratively so we can provide support in areas that show the greatest promise for long-lasting, systemic impact. We share our learning openly, to enable its widest possible application and to achieve long-lasting impact for education systems around the world.

Celebrating Research

Impressions from the 2023 Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize Awards ceremony on 17 November in Zurich to honor recipient Professor Janet M. Currie.

News and insights

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Research Agenda

We know that children vary day-to-day in their skills and behaviors, that they differ from their peers, and learn in different environments with different tools and technology. It’s what we call learning variability.

However, research has not yet fully established the science of this variability, or how best to address it in different educational settings. By increasing our understanding of variability, we can better support policymakers and educators, helping them base decisions on evidence that will tailor learning to individual children and improve learning outcomes for every child.

1分钟极速赛车官方开奖历史记录、168开奖官网计划直播、在线开奖直播现场 Latest from BOLD

BOLD is a multimedia platform that explores the latest scientific insights into how children and young people develop and learn. 

Digital Museum of Learning artwork including a picture of a kingfisher an aquatic model and a book of plants

Digital Museum of Learning

Our new digital museum offers interactive content and playful quizzes for kids of all ages. Become a partner or dive into fun, bite-sized information and learning resources to boost your classroom experience. 

Partner with us

We work with a network of partners to seek innovative ways to promote children’s learning and development.

Reports and studies

Policy labs and evidence use in education

The Jacobs Foundation, alongside On Think Tanks (OTT), have released an evidence review on the efficacy of Education Evidence Labs (EdLabs).

Annual Report 2022

The Annual Reports provide a comprehensive overview of the Jacobs Foundation’s activities, institution, and finances.

Implement at Scale

This paper introduces a research agenda on the implementation of education innovations in primary and secondary schools around the world.

Learning Variability white paper for scientists

The technical White Paper is aimed at researchers detailing a set of guiding research themes and questions on learning variability within children, within groups, and between contexts, to inspire collaboration in the research community.